How to enroll and redeem Airtel Kenya’s Zawadi Points

Loyalty reward schemes have become popular among mobile service providers in Kenya; Safaricom’s Bonga point has seen customers redeem mobile phones, laptops, free airtime and data bundles depending on points gained. For each Kshs.10 used, customers are rewarded with 1bonga point; Airtel has unveiled its own reward scheme ‘Zawadi points’ to reward its customers for everything they do on Airtel’s network raging from voice calls, SMS, hama and data.

Airtel’s Zawadi points previously known as Rewardz gives Airtel customers who stay and use their services redemption prizes depending on the number of Zawadi points accrued. Re-branding Rewardz scheme to Zawadi points will accumulate points gained prior to re-branding and forward them to the new scheme; however, level points have been substituted with Customer status which gives customers with a higher status more points. Rewardz partners and Rewardz cards will no longer be available.

Loyalty reward schemes have gained popularity with all telecommunications service providers offering a similar service; with Safaricom going for Bonga Points, Telkom Kenya with Ziada Points and some other organizations like KCB’s Simba Points. It’s a sure way to keep attract customers and keep them using services for a future reward.

Airtel Zawadi points customer status;  

  • Gold status. Customers get 1.2 points for every Kshs10 spend which represents 20% extra points.
  • Silver status. Customers get 1.1 points for every Kshs.10 spend an equivalent to 10% extra points
  • Bronze status. Customers get 1 point for every Kshs.10 spend; this is the beginning level for new customers.

In order to upgrade your status, Airtel customers need to use their lines more within a month so that their status get upgraded during the following month; this concept will also apply on downgrading customers. If you spend Kshs.200 last month and spend Kshs.300 in the next month, your customer status will be upgraded in the following month i.e. from Bronze to Silver and vice versa.

Airtel Zawadi points do not expire; however, if you don’t use your line within 90 days, your line will be blacklisted. For customers who may be away within 90 days but still want to use their current lines are advised to call customer care on 111 to extent their line.

How to enroll to Airtel Zawadi points;

  • Dial *326# on your Airtel line or
  • Send a text message with the word ZAWADI to 326

How to redeem Zawadi points;

Currently, Airtel customers can only redeem minutes to make calls as long as they have enough points.

  • Dial *326# and reply with 3 to select number of minutes
  • You can also send a text message with product code i.e. (VC003 to get 3) to 799


  1. You watu wa Airtel you think customers are fools we ‘ll
    Sabotage this something called Airtel line ati Dial *326# until when

  2. You guys have to be serious there’s nothing like enroll in those options… just tell us the truth it can’t harm

  3. Airtel is conning people, I have never redeemed my points since 2006 and I checked today and it’s 905. Why be serious plz

  4. This is a SCAM.
    Nothing like this.
    Who is fooling who?
    If you are genuine enough help me to enroll to the zawadi points

  5. From what I’ve experienced, I think enrollment to zawadi points is automatic once you begin using Airtel line. You don’t require to dial any number to enroll manually. I have been earning zawadi points from the first day I started using Airtel but I never through *326#. Just check your zawadi points balance and confirm. I think that’s where Airtel should clarify to customers.

  6. The only option is unsubscribe and when you ask for points it’s say you are not subscribed this a scam

  7. Manze there’s no nd to compete wid other companies, bado mko down2 xana kw vtu zingine! Go back 2 drawing board!

  8. Using airtel for the last 7 5 years but I have never redeemed my points every time when I try it’s tell me error,I think its a scam😩🥵

  9. Conning company!!!!! Shame on you Airtel, every now and then ‘network error’.give the truth we love and enjoys Airtel Network

  10. It is with all knowledge, conscious state and comprehension of your foolish and small minded games,that I call you scam! it is even hard for to say this to Airtel

  11. How can i check my bonga point balance for Airtel???koz all the time “internal server error” ama haifanyangi kazi

  12. Airtel nyinyi ni mafala net mseme mnaboost zero, zawadi points mnatuscam. It’s a right of your customers just like other networks gives bonga points and ziada points. No wonder you are always last. Acheni kuscam watu and tell them there’s nothing like enrollment


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