How to subscribe and redeem Ziada Points on Telkom Kenya network

We’ve grown accustomed to loyalty programs that aim to reward customers for using products and services from a certain company, it’s actually a clever way to attract and retain customers. Ever since Safaricom unveiled Bonga points, other mobile service providers were quick to unveil their own reward schemes with Telkom Kenya opting for the Ziada points.

We’ve also seen retail outlets in the country such as Tuskys and Naivas issue customers with smart cards that collect points whenever they shop in any of their outlets country-wide, that can later be redeemed for cash or items. The idea behind loyalty points was brilliant, but the implementation from one organization to another differs in so many ways. Unlike mobile service providers such as Telkom Kenya’s Ziada points which automatically accumulate points upon using any of the Telco’s services, retail outlets have traditionally depended on the use of smartcards except for Carrefour’s brilliant app-based system.

Ziada points is a loyalty scheme for Telkom Mobile Prepaid subscribers where customers are rewarded for using Telkom services. And just like Bonga points, Ziada points can be redeemed for several goodies on Telkom’s network such as airtime that can be used across networks for calls, SMS and data.

For every Ksh.1 spent on Telkom services, you earn 1 Ziada point. For example, if you spent Ksh.1,000 you get 1,000 Ziada points that can be redeemed for goodies.

How to enroll to Telkom Kenya’s Ziada Points

You don’t need to do anything as long as you’re a Telkom prepaid subscriber. Points are earned automatically upon consuming Telkom products and services

What items, products or services you can redeem from Ziada points

  • You can redeem devices by visiting Telkom’s retail outlets and topping up cash purchases with Ziada points, Airtime and Data bundles

Redeemable airtime from Ziada Points

Dial *126# to redeem

Redeemable Data bundles from Ziada Points

DataZiada PointsValidity (Days)
Daily Freedom 1GB with free WhatsApp and Telkom Calls1,6491
Daily Freedom 2GB with free WhatsApp and Telkom Calls4,1497
Daily Freedom 3GB with free WhatsApp and Telkom Calls8,29930
Dial *126# to redeem

How to Redeem Ziada Points

  • On your Telkom phone, Dial *126# then follow prompts.



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