How to use Carrefour Kenya’s MyCLUB Reward App to earn loyalty points

Carrefour Kenya has joined other local supermarkets to reward customers shopping from its stores across the country with loyalty points that can later be redeemed for real items. But unlike other supermarket retailers in the country, Carrefour utilizes a smartphone app to award points rather than having customers carry smart cards when shopping at its stores. It’s a smart move that’s aimed at having more return customers with promise of rewarding them with redeemable points whenever they visit and shop at its stores.

The program which is dubbed MyCLUB has already been implemented in several regions with Kenya coming onboard this year. And as explained earlier, the reward scheme is totally digital (no need of carrying loyalty cards) and is accessible through the Carrefour Kenya App, which enables consumers to collect points based on their purchases at Carrefour.

How Carrefour Kenya’s MyCLUB reward scheme works.

Customers visiting Carrefour outlets in the country will earn 2.5 loyalty points for every 100 shillings they spend, on top of that, they also stand to gain additional points based on selected promotional items. Upon collecting 10,000 points, customers can either choose to redeem them instantly towards their bill or continue to accumulate points for a larger reward at a later time.

It’s totally free to join the reward scheme, simply by downloading the Carrefour Kenya app from the Google Play and the App Store. After successfully downloading the application, customers will be required to register within the app by providing personal details such as full names, mobile phone number, email address and date of birth.

After successfully going through the registration process, shoppers will then be issued with a unique barcode within the app, which is scanned during checkout to earn points and avail discounts. Through the App, customers will also have access to their digital receipts, regular updates, as well as information on upcoming offers.

While speaking on the development, Carrefour Kenya country manager, Franck Moreau said acknowledged that the launch of MyCLUB demonstrated the retail chains commitment to its customers in Kenya, adding that the outlet values their loyalty and encourage them to sign up so that they gain even more from shopping at Carrefour.

How to use Carrefour Kenya’s MyCLUB Reward App to earn loyalty points

  • First of all, you’ll need to download the app from google play store or app store
  • Go through the simple registration process by providing required details such as full names, date of birth, email address, gender and mobile number
  • As a requirement, customers must be 18 years or older to qualify
  • You must opt into the program by agreeing to have a card created and the terms and conditions
  • Provide your phone with the app opened so the cahiers at the checkout point can scan to update your points



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