How to Download and install “My Airtel App” and services available within the App

The twenty first century has so far seen the best of technology with various daily activities now available within an app. In fact, I’ve been dared by most of my colleagues to identify a single activity that’s currently not either directly or indirectly associated with an existing app. Truth be told, with increased access to smart devices that can connect to the internet, companies that fail to conform to the current trend will either be overtaken by competition or seize to exist for lacking customers. Safaricom has been steadfast in adopting new tech in Kenya, something we find it difficult to associate with Airtel. But having unveiled ‘My Airtel App’, fortunes my just change in Airtel’s favor.    

Far from the current fiasco facing Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya’s efforts to merge, Airtel on its own has not been able to break-even here in Kenya especially with a cash loaded Safaricom in the vicinity. Safaricom has almost trumped the second largest telco operator in every aspect of their business with the emergency of MPESA making the situation even dire. But we like Airtel’s optimism especially if not following in Safaricom’s innovation footsteps. With the launch of Airtel Kenya’s “My Airtel App”, at least certain aspects of the telecom operator can now easily be achieved without having to visit their premises.  

Technology in Customer service

Riding on a mission to sort customer issues within five minutes, Safaricom has been making strides by utilizing technology both in the social media as well as app universe. We recently entailed how you’d easily make an MPESA reversal from the Safaricom Chatbot – Zuri. Subscribers can also accomplish several activities from within the Safaricom App and it’s going to be interesting to see Airtel’s version – My Airtel App.

Services available on My Airtel App.

  • Airtel customers can purchase bundles within the app and used through Airtel Mobile or MiFi/Router bundles.
  • Send and Receive Money via Airtel Money
  • Pay for their postpaid bills or of registered merchants.
  • Buy Goods and Services, subscribers can pay various merchants/shops for products purchased (Lipa na Airtel Money)
  • Deposit money to their Airtel Money wallet using credit or debit cards.
  • Withdraw cash through an Agent
  • Get Transaction history such as Top-ups, Airtel Money, Buy Bundles or purchase of VAS Services.

How to download My Airtel App

Android users can download from the Google play here, while iPhone users from the App Store



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