How to Effortlessly Manage Your Calls: Airtel Kenya Call Divert Guide

Whether we seek some me-time during a vacations or stumble upon an area devoid of cell signal, all of us have experienced situations where the desire for peace and quiet arises. Yet, the fear of missing important calls lingers in our minds. In these instances, Airtel Kenya – along with other telecom companies – offers a remarkably valuable solution: their call diverts or call forwarding feature. This feature empowers you to redirect incoming calls toward an alternate mobile phone number, thereby maintaining connectivity even during instances when direct response through your Airtel SIM card isn’t feasible. In the ensuing discourse, we will walk you through the process of call diversion onto a different number registered on your Airtel SIM card.

Using Your Phone’s Settings:

The most straightforward way to activate call divert on your Airtel SIM card is by adjusting your phone’s settings. This method is especially effective with smartphones. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots.
  3. Select “Calling Accounts.”
  4. Choose your Airtel Kenya line.
  5. Tap on “Call Forwarding.”
  6. Once you reach this step, you’ll have several options to choose from, depending on your preferences:
  • Always Forward: This option redirects all incoming calls to the designated number, ensuring you never miss any calls.
  • When Busy: Calls will be forwarded when your phone is busy with another call.
  • When Unanswered: Choose this option, and calls will be redirected if you don’t answer them within a certain number of rings.
  • When Unreachable: Activate this setting to divert calls when your phone is out of network coverage or switched off.

After selecting the appropriate option, enter the number to which you want to divert calls and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Using a Dial Code:

If your phone lacks the specific setting mentioned above, you can still divert Airtel calls to another number using a dial code. Here’s how:

  • Dial *002 followed by the number you want to divert to, and then #.
  • Press OK to activate the call divert feature.

With this method, incoming calls will be directed to the specified number whenever your Airtel SIM card is unreachable.

Deactivating Call Divert:

To deactivate call divert on your Airtel Kenya SIM card, simply dial ##002# and press OK. This will disable the call forwarding feature. Alternatively, if you initially configured the setting through your phone’s settings, you can remove the diverted number to deactivate the service.

Using Airtel Kenya Voicemail Service:

In some cases, you may not have sufficient funds for call divert services. In such situations, activating the voicemail service on your Airtel Kenya line is a practical solution. Here’s how to do it:

  • Send the word “SUB VMS” to 555, and you’ll receive an SMS confirming your voicemail subscription.
  • Call 555 or +254733105555 and follow the prompts to activate voicemail.
  • Use the code 62+25473310555# and press OK to enable voicemail on your Airtel Kenya line.
  • In your device settings, open the Phone app, tap on the three vertical dots, select “Settings,” choose “Voicemail,” and add +254733105555 as your Airtel voicemail number.

Voicemail will redirect your calls to your voicemail when you’re unavailable. To deactivate voicemail, simply call 555 or +254733105555 and follow the provided instructions or send the word “UBSUB VMS” to 555.

It’s essential to note that when you activate voicemail, it will override or deactivate the call divert or forwarding settings, and vice versa.


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