How to keep your Safaricom line active for up to two years without using it via Daima service

While Safaricom remains to be the leading mobile service provider in the country, it has remained impacted by a ton of issues that customers often wished there was a workaround. Customers especially those travelling abroad for various reasons have had challenges keeping their lines active while they are in the diaspora owing to the requirements for them to consume at least one of the services provided by the service provider to be considered active. This problem is at least for now solved, somehow. You do not need to keep recharging airtime and using your line every other month for you to be considered an active subscriber, thanks to the “Daima” service.

Safaricom’s Daima service now enables customers to keep their lines active for as long as two years without requiring frequent airtime top-ups. This service is not necessarily reserved for those travelling abroad even though they stand to benefit most, but also certain circumstances such as a demise of a loved one. Just after the service was unveiled, several Kenyans turned on various social media platforms lamenting just how phone numbers of their loved ones were issued to other customers a few months after their demise. Daima will not only control how long Kenyans can decide to keep contact details of departed ones live, but also control on what happens next.

According to Safaricom, Daima service stands to address concerns faced by people travelling abroad for longer periods of time, those going away to school as well as in certain careers such as military and police during training. They’ll now have a chance to keep their service active for a period ranging from 6 months to 2 years without having to top up. Additionally, people with multiple lines who want to keep them active can as well use this feature and forget about the need to top up every now and then.

As per the Communications Authority regulations, a customer needs to have used a provider’s service within the previous 90 days to be considered as active. Telecommunication operators are required to reissue inactive customer lines. Additionally, services such as car tracking can also utilize this service without facing the 90days snag.

Daima (keep line active) packages

The service will offer three packages starting from KSh. 200 for 6 months, KSh. 500 for 1 year, and KSh. 1,000 for 2 years. Each of these options entitles a customer to 20 minutes calling time and 20 SMS across all networks every month.

How to access Safaricom’s Daima service

  • On your phone, Dial *100*4#
  • Then select Daima (keep line active)
  • And then follow prompts
  • You can also access through the MySafaricom App

N/B: This service is only available to prepaid customers, it’s yet to be known whether postpaid customers will be considered at some point.



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