How to register your Safaricom Sim Card online without having to visit Safaricom shops

Safaricom has opened its online portal to allow subscribers unable to visit its shops to register their Sim cards online. This follows days of long queues witnessed at various Safaricom shops for people looking to beat the set deadline of SIM card registrations. Every Kenyan is expected to register their Sim cards with their respective service provider – an effort initiated by the Communications Authority (CA) to rid roque users involved in fraud and criminal activities from easily accessing a mobile phone SIM card.

Kenyans have been upbeat by the short notice given by the Authority, with many not clearly understanding whom the directive was targeting. As of now, you cannot purchase a SIM card in the country without at least having your details taken for registration; however, many criminals had found loopholes in the exercise with some using fake documents or even stolen documents to register their SIM cards. Telco’s such as Safaricom had devised a way to restrict SIM registrations by initiating a verification message sent to existing SIM card before another registration is accepted.

While the exercise has been extended from the initial set deadline of 15th April 2022 by further 6 months until October 15th 2022, Safaricom subscribers are now in luck after the mobile operator opened an online portal that will accept registrations from Kenyans who are unable to make it to their shops. The process is straightforward with below steps required to complete.

How to register your Safaricom SIM Card online

  • Make sure you have your Safaricom line active in a phone with a scanned copy of identification documents ready
  • Head over to SIM Registration portal at
  • Enter your primary phone number and accept the terms, in the provided textbox and checkbox respectively
  • A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the number you provided
  • Enter the OTP and verify to continue. If your SIM card is already registered, you won’t proceed from here. Instead, you’ll see a message that your SIM card if fully compliant
  • You’ll be able to see other numbers registered under your ID
  • Accept and then upload a scanned copy of your Identification document such as ID or passport. That’s it.


  1. I misplaced my I’d and up to now, I haven’t registered my simcard,but I have a photocopy of my I’d, please can you help me know?


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