Safaricom SIM Swap/Replacement Procedure

At some point in life, we’ve all had to replace our SIM cards whether from Safaricom or any other service provider due to theft, loss or damage, at least for those who own a mobile phone. I’ve received several requests from friends and family to explain the process of swapping/replacing a Safaricom SIM card since the customer care suffers from multiple annoying human factors. The only prudent alternative would be visiting Mpesa agents or customer care centers; but again, long queues and transport costs may not be worth the trouble. Safaricom SIM replacement cards retails at a standard charge of Kshs.50, if you are a tech enthusiast like myself and/or acquainted with SIM replacement procedure, this might be un-disappointing experience, that’s if the process ends successful. I’ve identified the best two techniques of accomplishing this process with associated pros and cons as well as requirements.

Safaricom SIM Swap/Replacement (do it yourself)

  • Note: This process only works for Safaricom subscribers with active Mpesa accounts.
  • First, you need to purchase a Safaricom SIM replacement card costing Kshs.50
  • You must have the old/your mobile phone number (either written or off-head)
  • You must have the OLD/ORIGINAL PIN (either written or off-head)
  • You must have had an active Mpesa account


  •  Insert the new SIM card into your phone
  • Dial *180*1*Phone no.*Original Pin*IMSI#
  • Example; Mobile Phone no-0722000000, Pin-0022
  • *180*1*0722000000*0022*IMSI#

(Note: consider stretching your patience as this process is not instant)

Safaricom SIM Swap/Replacement (Customer care)

  • Purchase a Safaricom SIM replacement card costing Kshs.50
  • Call customer care on 100
  • Mention the serial number of the new SIM card
  • Mention other details such as PIN and mobile phone number

(Once you get through to a customer care agent, this process is instant)


  1. I got a simcard rep[lacement from kenya ,m based in USA and last week i lost my fon no. 0724380586,how can i go around swaping this simcard from here in old pin 6747 new imsi #9341348230

  2. Comment:I lost my line and the simcard plate now I want to replace it but I don’t remember the original pin ;the number is 0724474772 my id is 29578413;how can I get assisted? my name is David kiptoo bett

  3. hello, i lost my hard plate and cannot remember my original sim pin. kindly please tell me the procedure of a self sim swap using the serial number

  4. hello, i lost my sim card, i cant find my replcement card, i cant remember my old pin, can i get this card replacement urgently,please help

  5. Comment:my simcard get damage and i don’t remmber old pin help me to get it .my number 0703575349 please assist i am off nao

  6. i lost my line but i can not remember my number because it was stil new but i have the plate can it be swap please

  7. Hello…my simcard has lost network it’s just showing of emergency calls only,,,,how can I replace the line while am abroad,,,my number is 0768240074

  8. I lost my sim card and l can’t remember the original pin,my no 0704319005 ,kindly help me so that l will be able to replace

  9. I want to replace my sim card with a 5G simcard but I don’t remember original pin my no is 0719704300 I’d 1738183

  10. I want to replace my number 0799952274 I’d no 23565901. Serial number 89254021284214042832 imsi no 1281404283

  11. My line was swapped by scammers 0718547592 I called customer care immediately I sensed it had no network and they requested we block it which I accepted.since am un under age and I registered the line with my friends simcard who is in there a way she can help from dubai to help me get my scard unblocked until I can access my ID?

  12. I abruptly my simcard stopped functioning 0111222163 and I can’t recall the original pin can I get assistance through my voice my password


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