How to send money from your MPESA account to someone in other East African countries

Ever since Safaricom announced the MPESA Global facility, it has become more easier to send money from your MPESA account to anyone within the East African region. All you have to do is follow some simple USSD prompts on your mobile phone and within minutes, the recipient in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and somehow also Botswana should get a notification of the transfer.

There are two options you could use; MPESA app or USSD method, personally I prefer the USSD option as it can easily be accomplished on any type of phone as long as it has a Safaricom SIM with an active MPESA account. With the app option, you’ll need to have a smartphone and access to the internet which is a bit tedious.

Steps to send money from your MPESA to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Botswana and Burundi

  • on your mobile phone, dial *840# and tap on send
  • Then select Send money abroad, tap on send
  • Followed by “send to mobile number”
  • Then choose country
  • Enter the recipient first name followed by last name
  • Enter the phone number in international format
  • In put the amount between Ksh. 101 and 70,000
  • You’ll be asked to state the source of funds
  • And then the purpose
  • After which you’ll need to confirm the transaction



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