How to request money from someone’s MPESA account using new MPESA app

Safaricom has introduced yet another nifty feature inside the new MPESA app that will allow users to directly request for cash from other users inside the app. Once a request has been initiated, the recipient will have a certain time frame to accept or reject the transaction. In case the request is accepted, the person who asked for the cash will have it deposited in their MPESA accounts.

This feature works similarly to how PayPal invoicing works, except its simpler and more straight-forward. Instead of having to call someone for cash, or if they owe you cash, you can simply just initiate the request from your app. It’s expected the new feature will favor entrepreneurs such as taxi drivers who can now just request for their fee right in the app, instead of having to let the rider do all the work.

How to request cash from someone’s MPESA account using the MPESA app

  • First, you’ll need to have the new MPESA App installed on your device
  • Head over to your respective store and search for MPESA; Play Store for android and App Store for iOS
  • Once its installed and configured, launch the app and tap on Send Money option
  • At the very top, you should see two options; SEND and REQUEST
  • To request cash from another person, tap on REQUEST
  • Next, enter the other person’s MPESA number
  • You could select from frequent contacts or search through your contact list
  • Once you’ve selected or entered their MPESA number, proceed to put the amount then your PIN number to confirm the transaction
  • The other person will see a request with two options; DECLINE or ACCEPT

Its still not clear how Safaricom will implement safety guards against abuse or accidental confirmation, given conmen are expected to use the same tactic from unsuspecting Kenyans.



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