CAK has fined Homeboyz radio Ksh. 1 million and suspended lift-off morning show for six months

The communications Authority of Kenya has finally weighed-in on derogatory comments made by some Homeboyz radio presenters during their lift off morning show. The move comes just a few hours after the parent company – Radio Africa group terminated contracts of the three presenters in the middle of the current fiasco. The three presenters, Joseph Munoru, Shaffie Weru and Neville Muasya, have since been fired by the Radio Africa-owned station, after being accused of shaming a victim of sexual violence during the Lift Off morning show.

While addressing the media early on Sunday, Communications Authority acting director general Mercy Wanjau instructed all presenters from the station to undergo mandatory training on programming code by the authority. Additionally, presenters will also have to undergo training by the National Gender and Equality commission.

As a punishment for the presenter’s behavior, Homeboyz radio will part with a Ksh. 1 million fine and the Lift Off morning show put on hold for the next six months until the station proves compliance to the authority with statutory requirements. Additionally, the station is expected to air an apology on two newspapers with a nationwide circulation.

The developments follow withdrawal of advertisements by the East African Breweries Limited following comments that were seen as biased and discriminatory against women. The stories revolve around a young woman who met someone on Facebook and proceeded to have a lunch date that later proceeded to the boyfriend’s office on the 12th floor of Ambank house for drinks.

According to court documents, while the lady wanted to leave around 7:30pm, the boyfriend wanted her to spend the night. This led to a fight that resulted in the lady being thrown through the window on the 12th floor and falling on the 9th floor. She incurred several injuries and can’t walk without assistance after spending a few months in the hospital.


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