Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) SMS and USSD Service Introduction

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in its bid to improve service delivery to taxpayers has partnered with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to provide mobile phone based (SMS and USSD) information services. Through these services taxpayers and their agents will be in a position to request for information from KRA, and get feedback via SMS. KRA will also use the platform to broadcast relevant information to taxpayers who opt for the services. The services are uniformly available through the following mobile network operators:

1. Safaricom 2. Airtel 3. YU 4. Orange

For you to receive correct information through SMS, you must have some basic information (identifier) of the subject matter, for instance, Vehicle Registration Number, Simba Entry Number, among others. You will then send an SMS in a specific format for the particular service to SMS Number 22572. The USSD Service is menu driven and you can dial the USSD code *572# to access the menu. You will then type in the relevant identifier for the service sought e.g. PIN, Vehicle Registration Number, Simba Entry Number, etc.

The services available on this platform are listed below:

1. Domestic Taxes: Individual PIN Checker, Company PIN Checker, TCC Status Checker, Tax Station Enquiry.

2. Customs: Clearing Agent Status, Manifest Status, Manifest Amendment Status, BL/AWB Status, IDF Status, Entry Status Validation, Simba Entry Amount Payable, Simba Entry Payment Status, DA Amount Payable, Temporary Car Exportation Status, Cargo Movement Status RTMS/CCS, F147 Amount Payable, F147 Payment Status.

3. Road Transport: Logbook Postage Status, DL Postage Status, DL Classes. Other SMS and USSD based services as well as mobile payment services of taxes will be progressively rolled out.


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