Shuffle Play feature is coming to all Netflix users in 2021, company confirms in a letter

A shuffle play feature that has been in the works on Netflix’s streaming platform since 2019 is finally coming to full roll-out. The company confirmed in an official letter penned to shareholders, ending years of testing and finally opening the functionality to all of its users. The company has also made a major milestone in recent times, recording over 200 million paid subscribers. It’s by far the largest paid streaming platform with a massive subscriber base across the world.

Netflix has been testing the shuffle button across some of its subscribers to ensure everything works seamlessly once rolled-out on a global scale. When a user activates or clicks on the shuffle play button, the platform users its complex algorithm to choose and play a video it considers a best-fit for the user depending on watch history amongst other factors.  

Initially, the feature was available for testing only on TV shows, but the streaming giant expanded its functionality further to include movies as well where subscribers started seeing it appear on the platform for both movies and TV shows.

How to enable shuffle play to continuously watch random videos on Netflix

Once it becomes officially available, subscribers will see the Shuffle Play button appear on the home screen of Netflix once logged in. the button will appear below the account profile’s avatar. The algorithm will select anything from unfinished movies, something from your watch list or anything closer to what you’ve watched before.


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