WhatsApp multi-device support is finally going into beta with anticipated rollout soon

We recently wrote a bout a new feature coming to WhatsApp users that will enable them have the same account on different devices regardless of their platform. The feature which is expected to finally bring multi-device support on the popular messaging app is reaching completion soon with an expected beta rollout to follow soon-after. Users will be able to login to different devices with one WhatsApp account without necessarily having to be connected on the internet.

The public beta is expected anytime from now according to hints found in the latest source code, as reported by WABetaInfo. WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging platform across various devices and has been adding features to allow cross-device support that has been sort after for a very long time by users. The company which is owned by Facebook has been rolling out the feature to some users which only points to an imminent beta rollout soon.

No need to connect your Phone to the internet when accessing WhatsApp Web

Once the feature has been unveiled, users will see a new “WhatsApp Web Beta” tag under the WhatsApp web menu – the place we usually go to enable WhatsApp on our computers. If the rumors are correct, you won’t need to have your phone constantly connected to the internet to access WhatsApp on your computer, the platforms will work independent of each other.

Multi-device support

You’ll be able to connect a single WhatsApp account to up to four devices simultaneously. Consequently, users will have access to WhatsApp web on their computers, as well as on other devices at the same time. you can then use any device to send a WhatsApp message, even if the primary device is not connected to the internet and your messages will automatically sync across linked devices.


The source code hints on various limitations during the preview period. You’ll not be able to archive, mute or delete chats from a companion device during the beta test. Additionally, deleting individual messages won’t be possible as well as placing calls using the desktop app.

As of this writing, we don’t have an exact timeline as to when the feature will go live but one thing is for sure, many users will appreciate having this functionality, given it has been requested severally.


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