WhatsApp could soon allow users to sync chats between iOS and android on multiple devices

If you’ve used WhatsApp for a while and at some point switched from android to iOS or vice versa, then you are aware of just how inconvenience it is especially losing all of your previous chat history. WhatsApp is apparently looking to address that problem with support for cross platform integration. According to wabetainfo.com, the new feature will enable users to have the same account across different devices at the same time effectively allowing seamless synchronization of chats between various platforms.

Looking at other messaging applications, WhatsApp has particularly lagged behind in cross-platform support capability that forced users between remaining on current platforms or switching and eventually losing their previous chats. It has been amongst the most requested features from the platform users and it’ll be definitely something to see the feature eventually implemented.

Currently, it’s not possible to have the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, once you’ve activated on a new device, the old device consequently stops syncing your chats. While its possible to backup chats on Google drive and even on your device’s internal storage, you can’t restore those backups to different platforms. Chats on iOS can only be restored on iOS while android backups can only be restored on android devices.

wabetainfo.com reports that Facebook which owns WhatsApp is working to have the feature support the same account on up to 4 devices at the same time. once a user decides to activate WhatsApp on an additional device, they’ll be prompted to connect to a WiFi network that’ll then enable copying of chat history from the first device as this will involve huge amounts of data transfer.

After the process has completed and all chats copied on the new device, it’ll then be possible to your account from it. New messages will be delivered to all configured devices – and your chat history always stay synchronized.


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