How to change or set a unique notification sound for a WhatsApp group on an iPhone

In a world of more than a dozen WhatsApp groups for every person that owns a smartphone, sometimes it just makes sense to set unique notification tone for individual WhatsApp groups so you can easily tell important messages from those not very important. Personally, I have set different notifications tones for various WhatsApp groups that I’m a member depending on the purpose of the group.

For example, I have a different tone for my church WhatsApp group, staff WhatsApp group and of course my welfare group which I don’t consider so important. In some situations, groups such as staff related may need immediate attention than let’s say welfare groups. And church groups will need undivided attention when reading messages or answering them.

I have devised a simple guide that anyone with an iPhone can use to set a unique ringtone for their various WhatsApp groups. The process is simple and doesn’t require any third-party app as its baked right inside the app itself.

How to change or set a unique notification sound for a specific WhatsApp group on an iPhone.

  • Launch your WhatsApp application
  • Identify the specific group that you intent to set a unique ringtone
  • Slide from left to right to reveal the More menu
  • Tap on More followed by Group Info
  • Scroll down to Wallpaper & Sound and tap on it
  • Under CUSTOM TONE, tap on Alert tone to change or set a unique notification sound


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