Soma na Bonga – a new initiative from Safaricom and KEWOTA to sponsor studies for teachers

Telecoms operator – Safaricom and Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA) have partnered to sponsor at least 45,000 teachers to further their studies in an initiative dubbed Soma na Bonga. The initiative will see teachers enroll to take online studies from various universities including Harvard in the United States. In the wake of the corona virus, educational institutions were forced to adopt various online-based learning models that would allow students to continue with their studies even while they are at home.

The move was necessitated as a precautionary measure to prevent further spread on the virus in what became to be popularly known as social distancing. Unfortunately, both learning centers and teachers were not well equipped to adopt new learning methods, especially with lack of vital computer knowledge which became a major hindrance to their success.

Benefits for Teachers from the Soma na Bonga initiative

The Kenya Women Teachers Association has negotiated with Safaricom for education data bundles in the tune of up to 10GB at an affordable cost than what they would have normally had to pay under standard arrangement.  

Despite the mobile service provider having a prudent plan that allows subscribers to redeem their Bonga Points, teachers in particular, may not have enough Bonga Points that would enable them complete these courses without having to top up additional data.

Members will have an opportunity to pursue courses such as Professional development, Accounting, Human Resources, Interview techniques, App development, communication and Cyber Security.

Speaking on the launch of the initiative, KEWOTA Chief Executive Officer Benta Opande said the skills needed by the year 2022 to perform most jobs will have shifted significantly thereby requiring to retool in a work place. She further added skills such as creativity, originality, critical thinking, persuasion and negotiation will retain or increase their value just like attention to detail, flexibility, resilience and complex problem solving.



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