Samsung is expected to discontinue the Galaxy Note series starting next year

Rumors are strife on Samsung’s expected plan to drop its flagship line of Galaxy Note series starting next year, according to initial reports we have, the phone maker has seen a sharp drop in demand for the series partly due to the current pandemic. The Galaxy Note series has seen both bright and dark days including the infamous battery explosions that forced the tech giant to recall the Galaxy Note 5 models, setting a major blow to Samsung that lost millions of dollars for the same reason.

Up until now, there have been rumors about the expected shift from the series in the tech world, but a more trusted source – Reuters has finally spoke to three different sources, all confirming the shift. The Note fans were expecting yet another model possibly dubbed the Galaxy Note 21 in the course of next year, but from what we are hearing so far, the Note 20 might be the last model w ever see from the series.

Since the next Note sequel won’t be seeing the light of the day after all, Samsung is opting to focus its attention on equipping the next Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is touted to take over the phablet segment in the Galaxy series. But the S-Pen experience is partly what made the Note series so coveted, and Samsung is planning to make sure that the S21 Ultra model has necessary support for the Pen.

Samsung is also looking to evolve its foldable Galaxy series and the two models will eventually become the sole flagships from the manufacturer. In a twist of events, Samsung is said to include the S-Pen in the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3, a move that’s seen as targeting part of the Note series fan base. Although we currently do not have an official statement from the phone maker, either to Reuters or any publication, recent developments on what to expected from the next Samsung devices all but show a clear picture of incorporating what used to be Note only territory into other flagships.

Information we are getting from researcher Tom Kang, point to a diminished sale report on the Galaxy Note series, which the researcher expects a drop of about 20 percent, reflecting sales of about 8 million units this year. He said the demand had obviously dropped in the year as more people aren’t looking for new devices, which could well be Samsung’s reasoning on abandoning the series.



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