The new Samsung DMT400RHS 24inch Dish Washer

Samsung electronics has unveiled one of the best noiseless dish washers in the industry; the new DMT400RHS dish washer features a unique leakage sensor and a twister nozzle which ensures that dishes are always clean. It comes with an adjustable upper rack for your convenience.

Samsung DMT400RHS Dish Washer Features/Specifications;

  • Nozzle system. The exclusive twister nozzle system featured on DMT400RHS dish washer ensures that each dish is completely cleaned with its unique straight line nozzle which has been a successful upgrade from traditional nozzle. The twister rotating effect controls water entering onto and into each dish guaranteeing better results.
  • Quiet operation. The new Samsung DMT400RHS dish washer utilizes modern technology to ensure a noiseless operation inside your kitchen. DMT400RHS dish washer reduces noise interference while watching your television or listening to music inside your house.
  • 3 level Tine holder. The new Samsung blue cap 3-level tine holder lets you fold tines at angles conducive to each dish. The tines have a capacity of stretching to 400mm longer than other tines in the industry.
  • Leakage protection. A unique digital leakage sensor on Samsung DMT400RHS dish washer is designed to detect any traces of water that could sabotage your kitchen. It is located below the dish washer and automatically shuts off the electrical connection on detecting a leakage.
  • Samsung DMT400RHS dish washer price: Kshs.55,920.


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