How to Pay for your Insurance premiums on your phone using MPESA’s USSD option

When Safaricom simplified the MPESA mobile money platform by introducing a USSD option, a lot of features were unlocked in the process including the ability to pay for your insurance premiums without even knowing your provider’s Lipa na MPESA Pay Bill number. MPESA users can now easily pay for their premiums on their devices without having to get the provider’s Pay Bill details, the process is straight forward and is instant.

A bit of history on MPESA’s accessibility first, the service has undergone several transformations to become available via a smartphone app as well as USSD option from the earlier SIM card services. And just recently, Safaricom finally unlocked the ability for users to lock their MySafaricom app using a fingerprint though currently limited to certain devices with android versions starting from version 9 (Pie) and older.

Below guide will show Safaricom users how they can easily pay for their insurance premiums from several providers by following simple USSD codes. You’ll first need to know your provider of course and the account number before proceeding with the process.

How to pay for your insurance premiums using MPESA on your phone;

  • On your phone, Dial *334#
  • From the given menu list, choose Financial Services
  • Followed by Insurance then
  • Premium Payments on the next page.
  • You’ll need to choose a number containing the first letter of your provider such as 2 B-D for Britam
  • Choose your respective insurance provider from the list
  • Note: you’ll need to select the name with correct Pay Bill number as some providers use different MPESA business numbers for various products.
  • Enter your Account Number
  • Followed by the premium Amount
  • Enter MPESA PIN to confirm the transaction


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