How to get Safaricom’s twende tukiuke signature tune for free for Safaricom subscribers

There’s something special on having a custom ringtone for your callers to listen to before you finally pick up their call. To some its quite entertaining and in some cases, it might actually change the mood of the caller depending on what exactly are the circumstances of their call. But the problem with having such features on the Safaricom network is that it usually comes at a price, and knowing how the biggest mobile service provider in the country operates, rarely something is truly free.

Setting a custom ringtone through the Skiza tune service usually costs around Ksh. 1 per day, you have a number of preset ringtones that you can actually have as a caller ringtone tune. But during the telco’s twentieth birthday dubbed twende tukiuke, it unveiled a signature tune that subscribers can actually have at no daily costs. Customers on the network can set the twende tukiuke signature tune for free on their devices.

How to set twende tukiuke as your Skiza tune for free

  • On your mobile phone, dial *811*960#
  • You’ll get a message indicating the Skiza tune was downloaded successfully and that it’ll be renewed at KES.0
  • You can manage by dialing *811*0#
  • You can disable by dialing *811*0# followed by “Skiza Tunes
  • Choose the Tune and after confirming a message will be shown indicating it has been successfully deleted.


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