How to subscribe to Safaricom’s Skiza mobile advertising service and get rewarded

Skiza mobile advertising platform was unveiled by Safaricom to assist small and medium businesses mitigate the effects of the corona virus which has changed traditional ways that we used to conduct ourselves. The platform allows Safaricom subscribers to opt-in and in return, get rewarded with data bundles or talk time for every three ads listened to for more than six seconds. Just like the popular Skiza tune service works, the ad service will avail various advertisements from Safaricom partners during the first few seconds before the recipient picks up your call.

Safaricom which is the largest mobile service provider in the country will allow small and medium businesses to advertise their services and products on the platform as a move aimed at neutralizing the effects of the pandemic. Ads will be rolled out at random to enrolled subscribers allowing businesses to access Safaricom’s vast database of potential customers.

Speaking on the initiative, Safaricom’s CEO Peter Ndegwa said the platform was an interesting invention aimed at providing businesses a platform to connect with customers while enjoying the Telco’s vast database. For customers who opt-in, they’ll be rewarded with exciting goodies ranging from data bundles to free minutes that can be utilized for something else on the network, Ndegwa concluded.

How to subscribe to Safaricom’s Skiza Mobile Ad service and get rewarded with data bundles and minutes

  • On your phone, dial *897#
  • Then choose opt in to receive awards
  • You can also redeem awards once they’re enough for data bundles or minutes
  • Users can also check available rewards balance.
  • You can always opt-out if you no longer want to listen to advertisements

Instead of the traditional ringtones heard when calling someone, users will hear adverts from various Safaricom partners instead. For those who opt-in will receive free 5 MB data or free 1-minute calling time for every three adverts listened to for more than six seconds each.

After listening to a couple Ads, enrolled subscribers can then view how much they’ve accumulated as well as redeem them. You’ll have to utilize accumulated minutes and data before the first day of every month, but once redeemed, they do not expire.

The Skiza Ads service is based on the Adtones global media platform which aims to empower and give back to mobile users. The platform is expected to benefit millions of Safaricom customers with rewards and useful media information according to Adtones founders Ben Lynch and Gaspare Manos.

How to place Ads on Safaricom Skiza Advertising platform

Businesses will need to write an email to AdTones at [email protected]. Adverts will be served at random to enrolled customers across the country.



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