Telkom Kenya’s new Pawa voice bundles come with SMS and mobile data value packs

Popular Pawa voice bundles from Telkom Kenya have finally received a much-needed upgrade, customers will now receive additional value packs in text messages and mobile internet to go along. The re-packed voice offering will also feature competitive prices in the industry and are aimed at meeting consumer’s daily needs in data, SMS and mobile internet.

Telkom Kenya’s move to re-package the Pawa voice bundles is partly attributed to the current pandemic which has led consumers to shift from common communications methods to those that are friendlier to them during this period. The corona virus has immensely changed the trajectory on how consumers spend their earnings with more focus now placed on savings and necessities rather than what they can do away with.

According to the mobile service provider, the revamped voice offering will not only include essential value packs that include text messages as well as data bundles but will also be relatively cheaper than before. The Telco has recently shifted its focus to promote customer centric ethos, innovative, accessible and simple solutions targeted at meeting consumer’s daily needs and believes the new Pawa voice bundles will do just that.

According to information from the Communications Authority for the quarter ending June 2020, Telkom experienced increased uptake on its outgoing voice tariffs which rose from 486.7 million minutes in the same quarter previous year to 524.2 million minutes in the same quarter, 2020.

Speaking on the new bundles, Telkom’s Director for Marketing Mr. Eric Achola said that most young consumers utilize text messages and WhatsApp as means of communicating especially during the prolonged lockdown period that saw schools closed. Achola further acknowledged that most consumers are increasingly making more voice calls as they reach out to their family, friends and colleagues.

How to purchase Telkom Kenya’s Pawa voice bundles

  • Dial *544#
  • Then choose Pawa (Combo) bundles
  • Choose from available offers
  • You can decide to have them auto-renew
  • Confirm and enjoy.

Subscribers can purchase new bundles before the previous ones expires to have them accumulate.

Telkom Pawa voice bundles

Product NamePriceDataOn netOff-netSMSValidity
Pawa 1010/-50 MB WhatsApp introduced30 mins 24 hrs
Pawa 2020/-100 MB data introduced 5 mins10024 hrs
Pawa 20 Extra20/-100 MB (Increased data to 100MB from 10MB)100 mins100 (Increased SMS to 100 from 40)24 hrs


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