Google assistant upgraded to access calendar and meet events from multiple accounts

The benefits of a smart home are endless, we are now able to seamlessly perform useful functions at the touch of a button or better yet using voice commands. Google Assistant has been one of the pillars that’s been steadily encouraging users to adopt a smarter future, allowing them to perform tasks by just issuing voice commands. However, being able to read from multiple accounts had remained a thorn that would otherwise make the integration even better, up at least until now. The assistant can now read upcoming calendar and meet events from multiple accounts.

Up until now, the Google assistant’s ability to relay information on your upcoming events has been limited to a single google account. Let’s say you have a smart speaker or just using hands-free voice commands to check on the next events on your phone via the Assistant, even though the process has been seamless thus far compared to manually opening your calendar for such events, it was only possible if you were using a single Google account. But for those who had multiple accounts such as one for work and another for personal use, they would have to sync these accounts to access their entire schedule using the assistant.

Although currently in beta, the new feature will eliminate this hurdle by allowing the assistant access multiple calendar and meet accounts for upcoming scheduled events. All you’ll need to do is ensure all accounts are saved in the assistant and any command issued thereafter will receive responses from all accounts. It’s a feature we expect to be live for everyone soon, just as we saw meet upgraded to allow for setting custom backgrounds.

How to give the Google Assistant access multiple accounts;

  • Launch the Assistant and tap on settings
  • Under “all settings” menu, look for “new accounts
  • You’ll see an option to link secondary Google accounts
  • Once you’ve added the account, the assistant will access data from all accounts thereby relaying relevant information as is from all accounts.

This functionality is still marked as a beta and may not be live for everyone just yet; however, we expect Google to roll it out soon, so you may just have to be patient in the meantime.


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