Ways that you can start transforming your house into a smart home here in Kenya

Transforming our houses into smart homes is gradually becoming the next big thing and most of us have in one way or another already started adopting this tech without knowing it. The tech revolution in our ways of lives has slowly encroached in some of the aspects we go about on a daily basis that we never thought; take for example our house lighting systems, smart speakers that avail us with days weather forecast before leaving our houses and so forth.

After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier, and there are a couple of ways you could slowly start making your home smart here in Kenya to make your daily endeavors more efficient. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Google have already made their devices self-aware of possible smart home features by including the ability to seamlessly control your smart home right on your mobile phone.

As of the date of this editorial, both iPhones and some latest android devices that run on recent versions of the operating system, have features that allow consumers to integrate most aspects of smart houses into their handsets. These include but not limited to setting your home alarm system, controlling the intensity of your smart lights and controlling stuff on your television set.

Here are ways that you could start transforming your house into a smart home

  • Smart lights

If you’re looking into taking a chance in a smart home, I suggest you start with your house lighting system. It’s the most practical aspect for people on a budget as the overall amount you’ll need for basic smart lights is not much, and let’s face it, lights are basically a necessity so in one way or another, you have to have them. There’s quite a number of solutions readily available here in Kenya. If you carefully look online, there are a number of retailers offering a set of home lighting solutions such as the Philips hue and some more affordable Chinese alternatives.

Smart bulbs will basically allow you to dim, put them off or if supported change colors right on your device. And in some instances, you really don’t have to toggle something on your phone; all you have to do is say something like “Lights Off!”.

 Furthermore, you could integrate smart lights with other smart home devices like the amazon echo, iPod or Google home. For the last couple of years, wireless light bulbs and lighting systems are increasingly becoming popular here in Kenya. You’ll need to have a home Wi-Fi to connect the bulbs to be able to control them via a central hub or bridge app. You could get a set of Philips or optional brands for smart bulbs in Kenya for less than Ksh10,000.

  • Entertainment and multimedia

From home lighting solutions, the next venture should concern your media and entertainment systems. There’s already plenty of home entertainment options available here in Kenya. Ranging from Wi-Fi enabled smart TVs that have given rise in streaming media such as movies or online TV channels far much easier.

You could also spice up your home with a smart speaker such as the amazon echo, Google home or Apple’s homepod. Other alternatives that integrate Google assistant are also available from top brands. Voice assistants can avail notifications if configured to do so such as weather updates missed calls and so forth. You can get a home smart speaker for less than Ksh10,000 as well except the Apple’s homepod which requires a substantial investment.

  • Other smart solutions

Lighting and entertainment smart solutions are readily available here in Kenya with reasonable pricing but you could go further and try out other solutions such as smart security systems, smart air conditioning, smart irrigation and so many more.


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