Google Assistant to be adopted on high-end 2020 Samsung smart TV’s without additional hardware

Samsung is set to natively support Google Assistant on its high-end smart TV’s released in the course of 2020. This comes as relief to many fans who also own other devices that support Google Assistant; meaning, they’ll now be able to operate several devices using the same assistant and even possibly automate some. Before this development, Samsung shipped its smart TV’s with other voice assistants such as Alexa and Bixby which in their own respect luck some features only found on the Google Assistant.

The move will effectively mean that Samsung TV owners will not need additional hardware or software to support the Assistant. Users had to rely on other addons such as android TV dongles or android TV boxes to have the functionality. According to the initial reports, all high-end TV’s that fall in any of the following categories will be supported. All 2020 8k and 4k QLED TV’s and Crystal UHD TV’s, there’s however a caveat on the feature; not all countries apparently will get the feature. But if you live in the right countries, the feature should be available on devices announced in 2020.  

According to the Director of Product Management at Google Jack Krawczyk, the feature will allow users to connect their smart TV’s with the rest of the smart home and better manage their devices across various Google devices.

By having the assistant, users of the supported Samsung TV’s will have access to real-time on-screen answers, entertainment and be able to seamlessly control all their smart home devices. the voice assistant will effectively allow users to adjust volume, control playback, open apps and perform other functions. Other Google services such as Search, Photos, Calendar and Maps will also be available. Countries on the supported list include UK, Germany, France and Italy with additional 12 to be supported in due course.


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