Xbox Series S is now official here is what you need to know and price in Kenya

We are just getting over the hype and momentum that was partly propelled by the tech world when it comes to the Sony’s next PlayStation model – the PS5, and now Microsoft looks determined than ever to bring us the best possible alternative to Sony’s offering – the Xbox Series S. we already have an idea on what to expect come November 10, the expected launch of the device and this is mostly from credible leaks we’ve seen so far.

The PS has a commendable following here in Kenya and it’ll be interesting to see what Microsoft comes up with, considering some gaming fanatics weren’t so impressed with the next PS design especially the digital only that doesn’t have an inbuilt DVD drive. Through the Xbox twitter handle, Microsoft just made Xbox Series S official complementing leaked details posted online by Thurrott and comes with a price point many of us would find Ideal in comparison with the Sony’s offering.

From the official images, we should expect a white console that closely resembles the Xbox one S, the same way series X compares with the One X. The next Xbox Series S matches the One S design in vertical orientation with a rotated Xbox logo.

Other somewhat credible leaks from WalkingCat, depicted in a video indicate that Xbox Series S would be a lot thinner making it a perfect candidate to fit under many TV’s. one missing component from the leaks so far is a hard drive – more like what we’ll be getting on the digital edition of PS5.

The Series S is expected to cost anywhere between Ksh. 30,000 and Ksh.40,000, a price range that mimic the PS4 and is almost half that of the next PS. We expect a much beefed-up GPU performance way above what we’re getting with the One X and it’ll be a matter of waiting to see titles supported in 4k resolution when unveiled.


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