Netflix unveils a KES 300 mobile only plan in Kenya, supported on smartphones and tablets

US streaming giant Netflix has unveiled an affordable plan to Kenyan viewers in a move that’s directly aimed at Multichoice with a rather staggeringly KES 300 mobile only plan. Kenyans who are not willing to pay as much as Kenya shillings 700 towards the standard package of Netflix, will now have an option to subscribe to a mobile only version that costs only Kenya shillings 300.

According to the streaming giant, different people have different needs. For example, there are those who would prefer to have Ultra HD videos on their television sets, while others especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa region would choose affordability rather than the image quality. There are a few differences on this plan though compared to the regular packages. For once, you can only use this package on mobile devices and tablets and the image quality is capped at 480P.

Other countries which have also seen their prices reduced on the lower tier of the Netflix plan include Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. Netflix has become almost a house hold name in most countries especially after the covid-19 pandemic which saw most people work from home. It offers reasonable entertainment options for users who can access fixed internet at their homes.

New Netflix rates for smartphones and tablets

CountryCurrencyMobile PriceBasic PriceStandard PricePremium Price
South AfricaZAR4999139169
Other SSA CountriesUSD3.99$7.99$9.99$11.99

Speaking on the development, Netflix’s VP of product innovation Keela Robinson said the company wanted to make it easier for subscribers to access their favorite movies and series regardless of their language, device they are using, connectivity or where they are accessing from.



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