Huawei enters a new era of smartphone design approach with Huawei P40 series

Huawei mobile is entering a new era of smartphone design with the latest HUAWEI P40 series, the company’s engineers found inspiration in the very source of life on our planet: water. The Huawei P40 series will be launching in the Kenyan market soon.

Water’s flowing equilibrium can be found in every aspect of the new smartphone design. By blending state-of-the-art technology with pleasing aesthetics, the P40 series phones strive for a point of perfect balance in the midst of ever-changing trends.

The series’ Silver Frost, Ice White, Deep Sea Blue, Blush Gold and Black color schemes embody the force of moving water, and this feeling is enhanced by the innovative quad-curve screen which “flows” over each side of the chassis. The colors have a timeless quality, and provide comfort in an era of continuous change, capturing the power water has over us, and the emotions and moods it evokes.

These designs demonstrate once again why Huawei has been seen for many years as leading the charge in industry innovation. It stunned critics and consumers alike with the P20 series’ gradient Twilight color scheme two years ago, but rather than rest on its laurels, has now produced another masterpiece. The Chinese electronics maker is always striving to break free from the monotonous status quo and explore new horizons, both in terms of design aesthetics and technological excellence.

1. Huawei’s Design philosophy: Quality above all else

  • A truly successful industrial design maintains its beauty even when mass produced, and this requires a flawless balance of art and technology. A worthy designer should have a solid grasp of fashion trends and styles, an in-depth mastery of materials and craftsmanship, and abundant experience.
  • Huawei values quality above all else, and this is immediately apparent from its products’ superior industrial design and user experience.
  • Huawei’s designers and engineers work in harmony, using the most advanced manufacturing techniques to give full rein to their collective imaginations. The company is internationally oriented, with aesthetics research centers in Italy, France, Korea, Japan, and the UK. This encourages professionals from all over the world to contribute their own creative ideas and avant-garde designs.
  • A design becomes an enduring style when it’s widely acclaimed and even copied by others in the industry. Huawei’s P20 series was such a trendsetter, as it made gradient colors the new norm in smartphones.
  • Huawei has always been unafraid to move into uncharted waters with unique designs. Rather than keeping tabs on what its competitors are doing, the company listens to and learns from its consumers, and tailors its products to their wants and needs.
  • Through its research, Huawei found that in the thick of rapid changes in our modern society, people can sometimes yearn for the grace and simplicity of the past. The P40 series designers therefore chose a concept that endows cutting-edge phones with classic colors.

2. HUAWEI P40 series: A brand-new design with a classic feel

Water is many things. It can be pure and tranquil, but can also be wild and untamable. It is sophisticated too, with the power to instantly change into mist, steam, frost or ice. The HUAWEI P40 series’ color schemes capture the essence of these contradictions — minimalist yet vigorous — and each variant has its own special charm. Light and shadow dance on the surface, reminiscent of icebergs and glaciers, the mysterious azure sea, a misty sunrise on a beach, or the lingering frost on a window.

Silver Frost: Huawei engineers superimposed frosted glass onto nanometer-thick textured film. The process causes light to reflect and refract on the surface, making it look as though the surface is constantly shifting between 2D and 3D.

Ice White: This variant conjures up images of icebergs and glaciers floating in the Arctic, where ice and water interact and glisten in the sunlight. A glass back gives greater clarity and depth to the Ice White color, and is reinforced by a dual-layer optical coating which imbues the glossy texture with dynamic lighting. The entire battery cover is complemented by a highly-reflective micro- and nano-scale grating structure, to vividly portray the purity of the white hues.

Deep Sea Blue: This edition is characterized by a reflective structural coloration coating and a rhombic micro- and nano-scale grating structure. As the phone is turned, blue hues flow across the surface of the rear cover, like a window onto the depths of a sapphire ocean. The choice of turquoise blue also echoes the trend set by Pantone, who selected Classic Blue as the color of the year 2020 because of its poised and self-assured nature.

Blush Gold: With its refined anti-glare (AG) etched glass and highly-reflective orange film, the surface of this design has an exquisite silk-like feel. The overall color combination evokes the break of dawn, with rays of orange sunlight spilling onto a golden beach.Black: Advanced coating is used to create a glossy finish against the dark background. Unadulterated black is imbued with a 3D glass texture, creating a look and feel which resembles quality ceramics.

3. Fine-tuned harmony of aesthetics and technology

  • Huawei treats the P40 series as luxury items, fine-tuning every detail with the utmost care and appreciation, including the seamlessly rounded corners and the subtle color film coating on the lenses. With this level of professionalism applied to every inch of the product, the HUAWEI P40 series illustrates how form and functionality can work together in artistic, high-tech harmony.
  • The P40 series has adopted an “All in one” philosophy to the camera layout, with the lenses, sensors and the flash all gathered in a single unit. The lenses themselves are produced with the delicacy one might associate with an intricately constructed watch. They’re also the largest in the industry with a micrometer-grade composite GDM (Glass Direct Molding) texture, and have been adjusted and tested according to the highest standards. Each lens comes fitted with green or blue film, indicating first-rate optical performance.
  • Compared with the Mate 30 Pro’s display which spills over the left and right sides at a nearly 90° angle, the P40 series’ quad-curve screen is not as arced. It strikes the right balance between freedom and limitations, like a completely full glass of wine or an infinity swimming pool, capturing a perfect moment, frozen in time.
  • The phone’s tender curves provide it with velvety ergonomics, making it a joy to hold, and the experience is heightened by full-screen gestures which make interaction free and meaningful.
  • The rounded corners of the HUAWEI P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ have been fashioned to produce smooth transitions between edges, sides and corners, creating a truly immersive viewing experience without compromising on the display area. A cutting-edge display encapsulation technology has been implemented, which seamlessly joins glass and metal, so one cannot feel where the screen ends and the rear cover starts. This approach achieves ultra-narrow bezels while offering greater protection to the screen itself.


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