OPPO set to unveil OPPO Reno4 and OPPO Watch in Kenya, here is what you need to know

OPPO is planning to officially unveil the much anticipated Reno4 in Kenya on the 21st of September 2020. The launch event is slated to be streamed online as it has been the case for most launches during the current covid-19 era. Alongside the Reno4 which is expected to take the center stage, OPPO is also planning to introduce a smartwatch in the country.

We recently highlighted what you needed to know before buying the OPPO watch here in Kenya in our recent editorial that can be found here, and seems like this would make it the very first time that OPPO actually unveils a smartwatch in the country. The OPPO watch has many similarities with Apple’s wearable and might just be what most consumers want outside the Apple’s ecosystem which can be expensive to keep up.

Expectations on the OPPO Reno4

OPPO Reno4 is one of those devices that packs top tier specification within the top-end-budget-segment. Interestingly, the handset has an AMOLED 6.4-inches panel that maxes out at 1080×2400 resolution. In a nutshell, this is what you’d expect from top rated handsets from the likes of Samsung and of course Apple.

Under the hood, OPPO managed to fit in plenty of storage room so you can download various content; multimedia or applications without looking for a MicroSD. But if 128GB space isn’t good enough, you can always slide in a memory card in a dedicated slot – something that has become rare nowadays. In comparison with other devices, you’ll almost likely have to decide between having dual sim functionality or swapping with a memory card.

And if you’re looking for a gaming device, OPPO Reno4 most definitely stands a chance to beat every odd that may come your way. It has enough 8GB RAM and a powerful Qualcomm SM7125 chip, you’ll breeze through most titles without a stutter.

Although OPPO didn’t fit a large battery, for 4015mAh capacity, we expect the AMOLED panel to mitigate its lifespan- AMOLED panels are known to go slow on the battery given they don’t light every pixel when rendering black colors.

What about the OPPO Watch?

As reported earlier on, OPPO is also expected to unveil the OPPO Watch during the online event, more details about the Watch can be found in our earlier editorial linked at the beginning of this article. But, if you’ve had a closer look at an Apple Watch, brace yourself for something very close physically but different internally.


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