OPPO Watch is now official, here is what you need to know before buying and price in Kenya

No, this is not an Apple watch, neither is it a Chinese clone but it’s the latest wearable from Oppo that has a stunning resemblance to the Apple watch. It’s not the first time we’ve seen someone try to mimic Apple’s design – after all, the American tech giant is famous for having a unique palate for design which somehow is worth adopting by other brands. The OPPO watch has its strengths that unfortunately might be clouded by the design, in a nutshell, this is a wearable worth considering for some compelling reasons.

The reasons OPPO chose to go with this design is everyone’s guess, but I’d assume the motive was rightly placed and probably wanted to intro a device that had a design which most of us could relate to. And for the sake of it, who doesn’t like the Apple watch? Somehow the American tech firm managed to convince everyone else that we needed a smartwatch and in a good or bad way, has managed to render previous title holders irrelevant even some going out of business.

What you need to know about the OPPO Watch before buying

In simple terms, smartwatches are with us and maybe for the long hall whether we’re fans or not. I’d imagine, only smart bands may probably threaten their very existence at reasonable prices, but for some of us, they’ve become part of our daily lives.

  • OPPO Watch design

First things first; Yes, it definitely has a striking resemblance to the Apple watch, and for some reason most of us would find this intriguing but I’d rather have my reservations as the Apple watch has never been the design I would choose if it came down to it. That doesn’t mean I hate the watch, it has a perfect combination of ecosystem, features and consistence in operation that unfortunately our android counterparts haven’t been able to match.

  • Wear OS

Android’s version for smartwatches is definitely catching up really good. OPPO watch comes loaded with it. From the reports we’re so far getting from individuals who have had a chance to test the OPPO watch from overseas and are privy to the gadget, it works amazing and those swipes are just as sleek.

  • 1GB RAM 8GB internal

For some of us, RAM mean nothing when choosing a wearable, but it’s the difference of having those seamless swipes compared to UI stutters on low-RAM devices. To be honest, 1GB was somehow an overkill but for your liking, expect really smooth UI on this watch. I’m out options why you’d need as much as 8GB storage on a smartwatch, but just in case it’s there if you need it.

  • 1.91inch AMOLED Screen

AMOLED has a way of making tiny displays amazing. Colors just pop and I’d be wrong but this watch is perfect on the display.

  • 430mAh battery

According to OPPO, you should expect up to 21days worth of battery life, something I was only able to achieve on my previous Xiaomi Mi Smart band 4. But I’m a bit skeptic considering wear OS’s thirst for battery life, at least from gadgets I’ve had before.

Price in Kenya: to be updated i due course.


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