How to watch American Peacock’s free streaming service here in Kenya for free

Peacock TV is an American video streaming service owned by NBCUniversal that offers both paid and free subscription options. While there’s a free tier option, users in other countries such as here in Kenya are technically not able to enjoy the service due to region limitations. However, there’s a clever way to bypass this limitation by doing a couple of things on your computer to start watching as if you’re in the US.

There are of course several services, some even better than Peacock TV that you could utilize here in Kenya to make this quarantine period worthwhile. Depending on how you’d like, Netflix has always struck me as the best overall streaming service and in fact offers some content without a subscription – you can find detailed info on the same from this link.

Peacock streaming service was generous enough to air live premier league matches during the 2019-2020 season and was definitely a go to service for most of us who wanted to escape the constant buffering of some streams during the period.

Requirements to access Peacock TV’s streaming service here in Kenya

I haven’t tested out other options but I found using below method the most effective for an average Kenyan.

  • First, you’ll need a windows computer installed with chrome browser
  • Install a free VPN chrome extension. I used Setup VPN which is free and effective. You can easily install a chrome extension by opening this url: chrome://extensions/ in your chrome browser.
  • Search for “Setup VPN” and click on add
  • You’ll also need to install “WebRTC Leak Shield” extension, this will ensure that your IP address doesn’t leak
  • Launch the “Setup VPN” and choose country as United States, there’s a daily limitation on the free VPN but should be enough to allow watching a couple of movies or an entire football match in HD
  • Then proceed to create an account on website
  • Start enjoying!


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