Watch Some shows and Movies on Netflix for free, available globally as well as here in Kenya

Looks like Netflix is not leaving anything to chance and is on a streak to get more subscribers with a number of TV shows as well as movies on its platform completely free without a subscription. But to make it worthwhile for paying subscribers, the streaming giant is limiting a number of their free content to only the first episodes of the first season.

Streaming services have defied odds caused by the current pandemic and grew subscriber numbers in commendable quantities, something that has been attributed to children staying at home as well as parents working from home. We wrote about how Netflix was scumbling to cope up with increased demand, while YouTube experienced massive viewership and in fact limited video qualities in some regions to free up bandwidth for those working at home.

Movies and TV shows you can watch on Netflix right now for free in Kenya

Netflix is currently offering a select number of Movies and TV shows for the promotion that include; Stranger Things, Murder Mystery, Elite, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Bird Box, When They See Us, Love Is Blind, The Two Popes, Our Planet, and Grace and Frankie.

The list may change from time to time according to Netflix which brings hope of having some popular titles included in the promo as well. Users will also have to deal with a 30-second skippable ad when they play any of the current free titles.

The promo is available on various platforms such as PC and Android except on iOS devices which the company says browsers are not supported.

How to watch some Netflix shows and Movies for free


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