Apple unveils Apple watch series 6 with capability to measure blood oxygen level

Apple has officially announced its next sequel on the Apple watch lineup featuring a blood oxygen level measurement capability with design cues borrowed from earlier versions. The Apple watch series 6 also packs a set of new sensors that would enable new capabilities including better sleep tracking and is said to measure your blood oxygen levels within 15 seconds utilizing both red and infrared lights.

Additionally, the company is said to collaborate with health workers in a large-scale study utilizing the blood oxygen measurement capabilities to detect if there’s a correlation with COVID-19 infection. If proved, the Apple watch series 6 can then be used to diagnose persons likely to be infected with the virus according to Apple.

Amongst under-the-hood upgrades, is a new S6 processor that is said to be up t0 20 percent faster than its predecessor. Apple has developed a new A13 chip that has a significantly improved performance over the previous silicon that has since powered series 4 and 5 watches. Although the new chip has an enhanced processing power, it still meets the same 18 hours battery rating we got from the predecessor.  And it can recharge faster – approximately from zero to full capacity within 1.5 hours.

We also get a slightly brighter always-on panel that Apple rates it to be 2.5 times brighter than series 5, making it easier to read while outdoors. Additionally, you’ll be able to invoke those notifications, access the control center, swap watch faces or tap on complications without necessarily having to first wake up the screen.  

There’s also a new sensor – always-on-altimeter that is capable of providing elevation information in real-time. this can particularly be useful to hikers who may want to check their current altitude from time to time and Apple promises to be accurate down to a foot of a measurement.

Fans can get the watch in any of the five colors; gray, silver, gold, blue aluminum and red (product red) and the stainless steel will be available either in graphite, yellow, gold or silver. But if you opt for the premium model, you can choose between natural or black titanium, but no ceramic options were announced this year.

The latest Apple watch comes akin the previous model but with several upgrades; however, like the previous model which debuted the ECG feature, most of these functionalities will be restricted to certain regions, but you may follow our guide to switch your region and enjoy these features. Besides the series 6 which is expected to cost USD 399 (about Ksh. 40,000), Apple also unveiled the Apple watch SE which will cost slightly cheaper USD 299 (about Ksh.30,000), but may cost mush higher herein Kenya due to taxes and currency conversion.


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