How to Get ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) functionality on Apple Watch Series 4/5 in Kenya

The official unveiling of Apple’s Apple watch series 4 was marked with great anticipation for its innovative ECG/EKG functionality that was expected to revolutionize how some common medical condition could be reported. However, users across the world were disappointed when the much coveted feature, which has so far been credited with reporting some conditions in the US was missing on their Apple watch series 4. The smart watch is by all means grouped within premium segment and as anybody would imagine, the ECG/EKG feature should at least have been available to everyone.

What most consumers didn’t understand was the complexity of the ECG/EKG feature that required approval from regulators in different countries. Well, that was the official case, but things have changed ever since after users in different territories such as here in Kenya found a clever workaround. When apple released the much awaited watchOS 5.1.2 with ECG functionality, users outside the United States needed to make some adjustments to have the capability enabled.

For those like me who took a leap of faith and got Apple Watch series 4 or those planning to get the recently unveiled Apple Watch Series 5, there’s a simple trick one needs to do to enjoy the full capability of these smart watches. The obvious one would be to wait for the authorities in your country to approve the feature, of which might never happen in the near future or of course use what everyone else seems to be doing; a simple trick. Like many counties, ECG functionality on the Apple watch series 4/5 is yet to be officially available in Kenya.

What is ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) and why you may need it?

ECG stands for “Electro Cardio Gram.” A technology embedded within Apple watch series 4 and 5 that’s intended to measure your heart rate on the wrist accurately. Basically, what it does is to allow the Apple watch measure the electrical activity of the heart in a manner that was limited to only advanced medical devices.

Over the past year since series 4 was unveiled, Apple’s smart watch has gained traction to be labeled as a one of a kind fitness device that’s capable of detecting several underlying ailments or predict impeding medical condition such as a heart attack.

How to activate / enable ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) on your Apple watch in Kenya

The process involves changing the language & region setting within the watch.

  • Launch the watch app on your paired iPhone (you need to have a paired iPhone)
  • Navigate to the settings feature on the app on your paired iPhone.
  • Now, tap on General followed by Language & Region.
  • Next, be sure to select English as your iPhone language.
  • Then on the Region setting, choose the United States as your region.
  • Make sure to tap on Done at the top right to confirm.

That’s it! Now, wait for a few seconds to let the Apple Watch bring the change into effect. The ECG feature should now be available.


  1. Hi My watch is region is United States and every time since I try to get the ECG it says not available in your region


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