Top 5 crucial must-have smartphone apps on android and iOS if you currently live in Kenya

Getting a new smartphone has some kind of effect on most of us, it’s one of those glorious moments we get to decide on what we need and don’t on our precious handset. But being as careful as I am, I often don’t go on a rampage installing all sorts of apps I deem beautiful on the app stores; instead, I carefully choose just a few important ones so I don’t end up cluttering my home screens with I cons I’d probably never going to tap. This might be the opposite on many of us, and believe me, I’ve seen friends and even colleagues with all manner of apps you could think of.

If you are one of those who are a bit cautious on the apps you install on your brand-new device, then here is a few of must-haves specially customized for those residing in Kenya. The apps might not be relevant to other regions, and might as well not be a good fit for some of us, but are surely some of the most used by a majority of Kenyans as of today.

I’ll be excluding common apps that are native and exclusive to specific operating systems such as messaging apps but will include those that can be used on both platforms. Secondly, this apps can be installed from respective stores, except for iOS which has zero tolerance on applications from other sources, I won’t be including apk’s from unknow sources.

5 must-have apps on android and iOS

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the king of social messaging here in Kenya. It’s widely used than let’s say Facebook and twitter. You can easily install from any of the top two app stores.

  • Gmail

At some point, you might want to sent mails for work or any other reasons and Gmail is by far the commonly used client. You’ll be better off having this app for receiving and sending mails.

  • YouTube

While the country is grappling with the effects of the novel corona virus that has forced many of us to work from home, and with schools shut, YouTube remains the best source for entertainment as well as getting educational materials.

  • MySafaricom App

For those of us using a Safaricom line to receive MPESA services, this is a definite must-have app on your device. You’ll easily access various services such as sending money, paying utility bills and even requesting for an Mshwari and KCB-MPESA loan.

  • Respective banking Apps

To access various bank services quickly, you might want to consider their respective apps. Whether its sending money or paying for various services, you’ll need to install apps for your bank. Our analysis indicate that most bank apps support transferring cash from accounts to MPESA and can even be used to manage some aspects on your account without having to visit their offices.


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