Huawei Watch Fit is here for those undecided between a Smartwatch and a fitness band

Smart bands have always been touted to replace smartwatches someday, they do offer almost similar features at a fraction of the price. But what if someone wanted something that was squarely in-between a smartwatch and a fitness band? Huawei seems to have solved that question with their latest Huawei Watch Fit which somewhat resembles both a smart band and smart watch in different ways including of course the price.

First of all, the Huawei Watch Fit is for those who are undecided between a smart fitness band and a smartwatch; but if for some reason you’re looking for a smartwatch, then Huawei’s Watch Gt2 might resonate with your requirements well, otherwise the Xiaomi band 5 will do just fine if you’re looking the other way. But if for some reason you’re not convinced with either, then there’s the Huawei Watch Fit which borrows from the two form factors to console those stuck in between.

Huawei has unveiled a wearable device that appears more rectangular than a traditional watch design with an elongated display leaning more to the band design, except it’s just as big as a watch. The wearable perhaps depicting its in-between design carries the “Watch” name associated with smartwatches and “Fit” name which is often used to refer to smart bands.

What does the Huawei Watch Fit offer?

The new wearable comes loaded with six always on watch faces, 12 animated workouts that feature various exercises such as exercise at work, Full-Body Stretch, and Ab ripper. In addition, users will get 96 workout modes which include 11 professional sport modes like swimming, running and cycling as well as additional 85 custom workout modes.

The Watch Fit comes with a built-in AI heart rate algorithm which is capable of supporting a custom training experience. Users can record daily steps, activity hours, and periods of medium to high-intensity activities in a colorful, circular pattern.

As is with many modern fitness trackers, the Watch Fit is capable of monitoring and providing real-time heartrate as well as blood oxygen saturation levels. The band has every technology you’d expect in a smartwatch as well as a smart band and is currently selling in UAE for around Khs. 12,000 (USD 110).

It comes with a 1.4-inch AMOLED display panel that maxes out at 280×456 pixels. On top of it is a 2D curved glass protection that can support slide and touch gestures. Underneath is a 4GB internal storage, a six-axis IMU sensor that houses an accelerometer and gyroscope.

There is an optical heart rate sensor as well as an ambient light sensor. Once you pair it with your smartphone, you should be able to receive those important notifications such as alerts for SMS messages, incoming calls, notifications and calendar apps. According to Huawei, a single charge should last 10 days and 12 hours on the GPS mode.  It is compatible with phones running Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0 or later. There’s no word on availability here in Kenya but will be updating in due course.


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