Things you should consider first when buying a TV wall mount bracket for your set

Having your new television set mounted seems like a great Idea, especially when all factors have been carefully considered. I say carefully because there are some landlords who would hear none of the above and have a strict policy regarding wall piercing.  But for those who are considerate, it’s only sensible to place today’s ultra-thin panels somewhere stationary where they’re less likely to be harmed.

Panels mounted on the wall surely look fabulous from the cosmetic point of view and might in some cases free up space to put additional accessories such as speakers, keyboards, TV boxes and remote controllers. While the exercise itself looks daunting for newbies, mounting a TV is not really that hard provided you have the right tools, although it’s always Ideal to look for a professional for such expensive investments.

We have prepared a guide for those looking to mount their new television sets covering all aspects you’ll need to consider when shopping for the best suitable bracket on the market. Some of the requirements will depend on your TV specifications as well as availability here in Kenya.

Wall material

As much as this appears obsolete, you’ll still need to consider what your wall is actually made of. Here in Kenya, most residentials are constructed with concrete, which might require tools such as a drill to make way for the mounting screws. But if you are mounting in an office setup, you’ll most probably be dealing with a dry wall and gypsum is the common material used. And in some modern residentials with already made up antennae ports, this will basically dictate your location for the set and just so you know, avoid areas above fireplaces for obvious reasons.  

Size and Flexibility

Every TV has its own bracket specifications you should strictly adhere to, you don’t need to get a weaker bracket that’ll break at the slightest pressure and at the same time you really don’t need a heavier bracket for small sized panels. When shopping for the mounts, you’ll see rating in terms of compatible sizes. Check on your television set to ensure the correct specifications before deciding on the bracket.

 Size of the room.

If you are looking for mounting brackets for a larger room, you should probably consider those that can tilt sideways. This will ensure adjustments can be made if needed. Smaller rooms can get away with stationary mounts as they’ll probably never require adjustments.


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