Local and International smart TV channels you could Live stream here in Kenya

There are several factors why someone would prefer to purchase television sets meeting certain specifications; for once, its now obsolete to consider analogue panels since we do not have channels broadcasting on the dated technology any more, unless of course you have a decoder to do the magic. While most of us would like to get the latest and greatest in tech, we should also acknowledge that not everything that comes out will prove beneficial to everyone.

Take for example someone in rural areas who doesn’t have access to any form of internet, it’s inexplicable to imagine such a person opting for a smart TV especially if his resources are not bountiful to overlook differences in costs. The same way it would be a grave mistake for someone in the city to ignore the capabilities of latest technology in TV’s especially if he intents to utilize internet-based applications.

Difference between a smart TV and a digital TV

Beyond the looks which might be undistinguishable between smart and digital TV’s the only factor separating the two is the capability to connect to the internet and effectively have access to online based applications.

Digital televisions can receive channels broadcasted on the digital terrestrial platform such as signet, bamba, pang without needing a digital decoder. On the other hand, Smart TV’s have the ability to connect to the internet, allow users to download and install applications and go as far as streaming content over the internet such as Netflix, Prime Video and Showmax. To accomplish the same capabilities on a digital only set, you’d need a smart box or dongle such as Safaricom’s android box, Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire stick.

Channels you could stream on your Smart TV here in Kenya

There are several streaming services you could subscribe to here in Kenya such as Netflix and Prime Video; however, these services are pretty limited to providing on-demand content rather than live streaming TV such as sporting events with exception of a few.

  • All Dstv Channels.

If you’re looking for an easier way to stream HD quality channels on your smart TV, then I suggest considering Dstv. Up until recently, Dstv Kenya customers can link their accounts to their respective smart TV’s by downloading an app such as android TV, Apple TV and LG’s content store on WebOS.

  • Aljazeera English

If you like staying updated with international affairs, then you might want to try out Aljazeera. It offers international coverage of current News and doesn’t require a subscription. All you have to do is download the app on Android TV or Apple TV.

  • Showmax

For those of us who have an active showmax subscription, you could take advantage of their Live channels that broadcast News and sporting events.

  • France 24.

Based in France, France 24 is also a worthy alternative to get unbiased international News coverage. You also need to download the app from respective app stores.

  • Bloomberg

It’s surprising that this channel is often packaged on the most premium bouquets of the current pay tv providers in Kenya while you could easily just download the app and start enjoying quality business and tech insights across the world.

  • NHK

Also falling within International News channels but NHK is a bit unique since its based in Japan and mostly focuses on Japanese interests. You won’t be asked for payment to view this channel.

  • CBN Family

Christian focused with very interesting preaching that most Christians will find exhilarating. This is a place to be if you want to grow your faith in Christianity. Completely free to watch

  • DW

Based in German but with some interesting international News coverage on current affairs as well and business. This one is also offered without any subscription costs

These are just but a few online streaming channels that you could watch on your smart TV. If you have a VPN on your Smart TV, then there’s plenty of channels that are currently Geo-restricted that can be unlocked and watched from anywhere.


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