How to customize and entertain callers with Telkom’s Beat Yangu caller-tune Service

Ever wondered how some fellows manage to put those weird or somewhat amusing messages on their phone when you call them? Safaricom pioneered the service here in Kenya with its Skiza tune service which essentially allows subscribers to customize the message or tune heard by those who call them. The service is beneficiary to both the users who put interesting messages instead of the default caller tune and to content creators who charge a fee to use their content.

Telkom Kenya which used to trade as Orange for GSM services has a service that has since been renamed from “Hello Tunes” to “Beat Yangu” that allows subscribers to choose from over 3,000 songs as well as messages to put instead of the default caller tune and entertain their callers. The service can be activated by either using USSD code or via a text message.

Beat Yangu Charges

The service costs just Ksh1 for both international and local content per tune on a daily basis. Meaning as long as you use the tune, you’ll be charged Ksh1 everyday while its active. It’s available to all Telkom Kenya subscribers.

How to set a custom caller tune on Telkom network

USSD Option;

  • Dial *811#
  • From the provided menu, choose your preferred genre i.e. Kenya top 20, Gospel, Old Skool etc.
  • Then choose from available tunes
  • And proceed to confirm subscription

SMS Option;

  • Compose a new text message with the word ON
  • Send the message to 1351
  • Follow the prompts to subscribe


  1. I want to know how to remove this caller tune which I didn’t set up and it is charging me money every day and I’m getting no assistance from Telekom


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