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How to block all incoming, outgoing calls or text messages on the Safaricom network

Have you ever been in a situation where you literally wanted to block everyone from reaching you either via phone calls or text messages? Safaricom has a nifty feature that can literally enable you to do just that. Instead of activating the block feature on your device, you can disable all incoming or outgoing calls even text messages on a network level.

And yes, you can achieve the same functionality by enabling airplane mode on a smartphone or do not disturb on capable devices; however, unfortunately these features are not available on non-smartphones. And for some reason’s, disabling these functionalities at network level might be convenient for some of us rather than on a device.

Differences between blocking outgoing, incoming calls and text messages at device level and network level

As the name suggests, disabling phone calls and text messages at the network level will simply render your SIM card unreachable regardless of the device you’re using including its settings. This ability is usually achieved by using certain USSD commands provided by the network provider – in this case Safaricom.

On the other hand, disabling phone calls and text messages on a device level simply allows the caller’s call to got through the network but fails to be completed at the device level. This relies on device settings such as do not disturb or airplane mode. If you swap the SIM card to a differed device, calls and text messages will still go through.

How to block all incoming, outgoing calls and text messages on Safaricom network

  • To block or unblock all Outgoing Calls, dial *33*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls, dial *35*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls When Roaming, dial *351*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming Calls Except Home Calls (when Roaming), dial *332*0000#
  • To block or unblock all International Calls, dial *331*0000#
  • To block or unblock all Outgoing SMS, dial *33*0000*16#
  • To block or unblock all Incoming SMS, dial *35*0000*16#


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