Samsung Galaxy A21s starts selling in Kenya; here is what you need to know before buying

One of the most interesting devices within the A-series was definitely the Galaxy A21, the handset came with most of the premium features we could only get on superior siblings to the mid-range tier. And now the Samsung Galaxy A21s was supposed to be a better replacement improving on areas where the earlier A21 lacked but as we’ve found out, that could be far from truth. This is not to say the Galaxy A21s isn’t worth it; it still packs several upgrades over the predecessor and will surely appeal to many Samsung fans.

For our editorial, we are focusing on the Galaxy A21s SM-A217FZKGXFE model which is currently available in Kenya with region’s warranty. The handset comes with Dual SIM capability, a superior 5000mAh battery, a bigger camera sensor, but disappoints in screen tech used over the predecessor. In so many ways, the Galaxy A21s resembles the earlier model released last year, but Samsung apparently decided to upgrade only those areas it deemed important to consumers while somehow watering down others.

In my smartphone analysis, I always prioritize the display panel as this is where we interact with our devices most. For those seeking a decent upgrade coming from the Galaxy A20, there are some really important key points to consider before jumping on to the wagon. To be fair, the A20 still remains a solid handset if you’re not that into photography and doesn’t need a heck-lot of battery capacity. The display panel was definitely watered down coming from a Super AMOLED panel to PLS TFT panel. You’ll definitely miss those vibrant deep colors coming from an AOLED panel.

Besides the display panel, most areas that count received some type of an upgrade over the previous model. We now get a juice packed battery that’s now at par with the competition having 5000mAh battery capacity that should last a day or two under normal load. In addition, Samsung responded to content creators and photography fans with a super bump of camera pixels of the main sensor to 48Megapixels. Instead of the two rear cameras, we now get a Quad camera setup that includes a 48MP main sensor, 8MP ultrawide sensor, 2MP macro and 2MP depth sensors.

As earlier mentioned, the display panel is definitely the weakest point on this handset, it doesn’t have the Oomph we expected from Samsung as it uses a normal TFT panel instead of AMOLED and the resolution is somehow inferior with just 720*1600 pixels making up the 6.5inchs. but if that’s not a concern, then Samsung Galaxy A21s is surely a humble upgrade and you’d most probably enjoy using it.

Samsung Galaxy A21s Specifications

SCREEN6.5inch PLS TFT (720*1600) resolution (270) Pixels per Inch
MEMORY4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage (MicroSD up to 512GB)
PRIMARY CAMERA SETUP48MP Main, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP macro and 2MP depth
SENSORSFingerprint (Rear mounted)
COLORSBlack, White, Blue, Red

Samsung Galaxy A21s Price in Kenya: Ksh 22,000



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