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How to use KCB Bank’s VOOMA mobile wallet via USSD and Mobile application

When Kenya’s biggest financial lender – KCB unveiled the Vooma mobile wallet service, most of us weren’t really clear on how the service was going to operate alongside the popular KCB-MPESA option within our MPESA menu; but as it turns out, the service goes further than just letting users borrow money and lock savings. Kenya is one of those countries that use mobile phones in more than just sending text messages or making phone calls, in fact, we kind of carry out money related transactions using our phones more than any other means. Its therefore prudent to witness financial firms explore ways in bringing services on mobile phones.

VOOMA is described by KCB as a mobile wallet service that lets users pay for goods as well as services, borrow loans and at the same time save money using their mobile phones. The service is available from all mobile service providers in the country – Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom. To make it even more accessible, customers don’t need to have a KCB bank account to use Vooma mobile wallet.

Requirements to join Kenya Commercial Bank’s VOOMA mobile wallet service

As expected, Kenyans hoping to join in on KCB’s Vooma service are required to have a valid government issued identification documents such as a valid National ID, Passport or alien ID plus a registered mobile number from any of the mobile service providers in the country.

Benefits of using VOOMA mobile wallet

  • Vooma users can sent money to both registered and unregistered Vooma users
  • Use Vooma to pay for utility bills such as Kenya Power tokens, Dstv, Gotv, Zuku and more
  • Buy goods by paying for shopping, dining, fueling and so forth
  • Buy airtime credit for Safaricom, Airtel as well as Telkom Kenya
  • Depositing and withdrawing cash from any KCB branches, KCB ATM’s as well as agents
  • Access a loan facility that’s payable within 1, 7, 14, or 30 days at interests starting from 0.2 percent upwards depending on loan duration
  • Transfer cash to any bank account in the country via PesaLink
  • And lastly, users can set standing orders

How to use Vooma mobile wallet

VOOMA Mobile wallet from KCB can be accessed via a mobile app downloadable from Google Play Store for android users and App Store for iOS users as well as using a USSD code: *844#. To use a mobile app, ensure your mobile phone is running latest OS – for android, version 4 and above, then head over to your respective app store and search for “VOOMA”. Otherwise, you can easily access the service via USSD code by simply typing *844# and following prompts.

How to check your Vooma loan limit

Using USSD;

  • On your mobile phone, dial *844#
  • then select “Loans and Savings
  • Choose “Loans” followed by “Check Loan Limit
  • Enter your Vooma PIN, you should receive a response via a text message

Using App

  • Open your android or iOS app
  • Choose “Loans” your limit should automatically be displayed


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