Little Cab riders can now order St john’s ambulance services from the app

Little cab riders can now order an ambulance from St Johns right on their mobile devices after the ride hailing service provider inked a deal with St John ambulance services to make the feature possible. Customers will now have an option within the app under the transport segment to choose for an ambulance instead of the usual “Order a Ride”, “My Rides”, “Airport Transfers” and “Free Rides” options.

The move will offer many Kenyans the kind of convenience that’s not available in the mainstream public unless you’ve subscribed to some medical cover providers who require an advance payment to be a member.  The ambulance option within the app connects riders directly to St John ambulance dispatcher who then coordinates emergency response with the ambulance crew.

Speaking on the development, Little Cab CEO Kamal Budhabhatti acknowledged the convenience and importance of the deal, saying the company was researching on various ways that would simplify people’s lives by utilizing technology. He further added that people often turn to online sources in times of emergencies such as looking for ambulance services and contacts which can be time consuming and sometimes unreliable.

The CEO further said customers can now simply go to the app and click on confirm an ambulance to be connected immediately with St John ambulance dispatchers who will then send out an ambulance depending on the type of emergencies.

Little has made it possible for customers to track the ambulance and view estimated arrival time. The ambulance crew will also be able to follow a live map to the distressed customer location which will significantly reduce time lost in coordinating with the customer on the location.

St John ambulance head of program Business Development and Communications Fred Majiwa, said the partnership came at the right time to enable Kenyans in dire situations to receive quality emergency care and evacuation services in record time. he further stated customers would track dispatched ambulance in real time thanks to the live map that has been created.

How to request an ambulance using Little app

  • Ensure you have an updated Little app installed on your mobile phone
  • Launch the application just as you would when requesting for a normal ride
  • Under the “Transport” options, choose “Ambulance
  • Choose your “location
  • Then proceed to select mode of payment either “Cash” or “Credit card” if you have a card added to your account
  • Then Tap “Ambulance picture” below to request an ambulance
  • You can then track your ambulance in real-time.


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