How to get a medical cover through KWFT AfyaFit product

Back in the day, we witnessed the partnership between AAR insurance – one of Kenya’s prominent insurance service provider join hands with the Kenya Women Finance Trust to unveil what would become one of the most affordable insurance cover locally. The local Microfinance Bank (KWFT) which has access to over 800,000 customers, unveiled the afyaFit product, targeting low and middle income earners in Kenya who forms a huge percentage of its current customer base.

While unveiling the product – AfyaFit, KWFT touted its affordability allowing Kenyans within a family of six members to have a medical cover at only Sh.18,800. AfyaFit comes with an inpatient cover limit of Ksh 500,000, while those seeking care within outpatient covered to a limit of Kshs 75,000. In addition, patients in need of maternity services will be covered to up sh.100,000 while dental and optical services covered to Sh.10,000.

Recent statistics from the world health organization indicate that nearly 80 percent of Kenyans do not have some form of medical insurance, while the health ministry notes that over 75 percent of households have to pay for their medical needs from their pockets exposing them to financial shocks in the event of protracted illnesses like cancer.

Speaking on the launch, KWFT Managing Director, Mr. Mwangi Githaiga acknowledged that AfyaFit will ensure financial protection of the families by reducing the out of pocket expenditures which have pushed many families below the poverty line as they are forced to dispose off assets & property to pay medical bills.

Requirements to get KWFT AfyaFit

  • Colored Passport Photographs of all dependents
  • Copies of Birth certificates for all dependents.
  • Copy of National ID (Principle Member and 1 Spouse).
  • Copy KRA Pin.
  • Letter from Child welfare (For children under guardianship).



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