Google is exploring possibility of bringing “Explore Maps” feature to Google Photos

Google is finally considering bringing one of the most sort after feature – “Explore Maps” to Google photos. If unveiled, the feature will allow Google Photos users to view a Map of the photos and videos taken by their location. Users could only access this feature via a third-party app – “Photo Map for Google Photos” released sometimes last year. This will not be the first time a tech company has made a third-party feature native to its products owing to popularity.

Thanks to some researchers who often tear up application’s code to reveal hidden or upcoming features, we get to see some of the ongoing works on certain apps though it’s not always guaranteed to make a debut to the masses. While these features often end up being released, it’s not uncommon to see a company pull off the feature altogether before release.

According to reliable insights from the Google Photo’s version 4.52 that started rolling out on the Google Play Store, android developer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted a new “Explore Map” feature within the application. It’s a pretty nifty addon that gives users control to group and view photos as per location.

How “Explore Maps” feature in Google Phots work

After you’ve launched the Photos app, followed by switching to “Search” tab, there’s a new widget below the “Places” section that you can either tap on the “Explore Map” option or select the suggested locations underneath to filter photos taken from that particular location.

For those tapping on the feature for the very fast time, you’ll get a prompt with an introduction to the feature. Explore Maps is designed to help you relive the places you’ve been by exploring your photos that have location data, including shared photos you’ve saved. This feature utilizes location data stored in the photos by your camera’s GPS, Google Location History, and detected landmarks within the photos themselves.

These locations may be highlighted by a heatmap to show you areas you’ve frequently taken pictures. While the feature is in full working mode within version 4.52 of the app, it’s yet to be rolled out to the masses and there’s no guarantee that Google actually plans to do so.


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