Google is rolling out a new logo for the Photos app and a simpler design

Google is known to redesign some of its core apps once in a while with simpler navigation as well as new icons and this time round, the Photos app seems to be getting a much-needed makeover in design as well as icon. The search giant hasn’t publicized the move which consequently replaces the old photos logo with a much finer one. The new changes have already been effected on the iOS app and expected to be headed for android as Google is keen to keep its apps across various platforms uniform.  

The new logo is more refined and has rounded corners with a flattened visual. From the changelog of photos 5.0 on iPhones and iPads, Google says its introducing a simplified Google photos to help users find and relive memories. The search giant further states they’ve refreshed the photos icon to reflect its new simplified product experience.  

We expect the same visual refinements when the android version of Photos app is unveiled. There are a couple of modifications on the new app where it used to have a search bar at the top which has now been replaced with “Google Photos”. While the old photos app didn’t have a direct option for messaging, with the next design, Google has included a shortcut to a built-in messenger in the top left corner. This gives us an impression Google will be keen to develop on the feature going forward.

Memories row is now a little larger than before, and beyond that, everything else seems simple. While we expect some people to be a bit hesitant on the new logo, I honestly think it looks better and perfectly matches previous designs from the company.


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