How to install and use safaricom and other loan/banking apps on a rooted android device

The main difference between android and iOS lies in the ability to have full control over your device; while android operating system traditionally comes equipped with numerous customizations, iOS on the other hand believes they know exactly what you need and not need. There’s however ways you can access more tweaks on an iOS device at least on those still running older versions of the OS through jailbreaking as apple has recently caught up with the jail break community by patching most exploits in their latest software.

What is rooting in android and effects on your device

Rooting in the android ecosystem basically refers to the process that allows you to attain root access to the operating system code, thereby giving you ability to enhance functionality and or tweak how the device behaves. Understandably, this should be a good thing mostly, however; rooting your device can negatively impact the security of your data as some applications might maliciously use your data if given root access.

If you only use a handful of trusted applications you might not need to worry about malicious apps, but still not all is rosy. There are a ton of applications especially banking apps, mySafaricom app and a few loan apps that won’t natively run on a rooted device. There are however a few ways to use these applications flawlessly on a rooted device by using a few applications such as Magisk to hide root from them.

how to install and use safaricom and other loan/banking apps on a rooted device using Magisk

  • First, you’ll need to install Magisk manager apk on your device
  • Assuming you already have recovery installed on your device, if not find my best TWRP – Team win software here and follow their instructions to install
  • Launch Magisk manager and select to install Magisk select the zip version and boot after download has completed into the recovery mode
  • Choose install and select the downloaded zip file
  • Reboot your device and launch Magisk Manager, then on the settings select Magisk Hide
  • Select all the applications you want to hide root from and that’s it!


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