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How to remotely apply for a birth certificate online in Nairobi County

applying for government services in Kenya hasn’t always been a walk in the park, although the situation isn’t as dire as it was in the days gone by but it can be tedious for some of us. Huduma centers have been particularly God sent especially for young Kenyans seeking to renew or replace some of their government issued documents such as ID cards as well as driving licenses. However, there are services such as seeking for birth certificates in Nairobi county that have been put online for Kenyans to apply from wherever they are.

 Requirements to apply for a birth certificate online in Nairobi County

There are a few requirements you ought to meet in order to apply for your child’s birth certificate online in Nairobi county.

  • The child must have been born within Nairobi county
  • Of course you must be a Kenyan citizen with an e-citizen account
  • If the child was born at a health facility, then you must have the birth notification certificate
  • Copy of ID of the child’s other parent unless applying as a single parent
  • Of course access to the internet and a computer

How to apply for a birth certificate online in Nairobi County

  • If you don’t already have an e-citizen account, head over to the e-citizen portal and create one
  • Head over to “CIVIL REGISTRATION SERVICES” once logged in to the platform
  • Click on “Make an application”
  • Proceed by filling out all the required details
  • Attach all the required documents such as copy of birth notification certificate and copy of parent’s ID
  • Pay the convenience fee usually (Ksh180) if applying within six months of child’s birthday
  • Download the details with reference number under downloads then “Current Birth Applications”
  • Once approved, you’ll see something like “Ready” instead of “pending”, though they’re supposed to sent you a text which never happens.
  • Head over to Bishop house for the certificate to be printed and issued.


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