How to Stop Unwanted Promotional Messages on your Safaricom Line

Have you been experiencing an increase in the number of unsigned for promotional messages on your Safaricom line? Well, as it turns out, you are not alone. Notwithstanding where they got our contact details, several businesses in Kenya have embarked on an aggressive adventure to woo Safaricom subscribers with irrelevant promotions regardless of whether someone opted in or not. Personally, I’m that kind of a guy that strives to maintain things a little bit organized and relevant in my inbox and lately I’ve really been struggling, at least until I discovered a way to go around the problem by a USSD Code.

If at some point you’ve been irritated by such spamming in your inbox, there’s an ample way you could stop promotional messages on the Safaricom network. It doesn’t require some expertise skills but just your phone with a Safaricom line and the name of the sender of promotional messages. And if you mistakenly block senders relevant to you or those you’d like to receive their promotions, there’s always a way to unblock them.

Irrelevant Promotional Messages;

Not all promotional messages are spam, in fact, there are some that could be containing very important information that could save you several bucks for example. Consider a text message containing a current promotion that concerns your data plan for example, or plane tickets and so forth that you’ve really been longing for. At the same time, think of a person from a certain religious affiliation receiving promotional messages to subscribe and receive inspirational quotes from a different unrelated religion! It could be bothersome even just thinking about it, and as someone once said; technology comes with both good and bad tidings, we just have to embrace what’s good and block what’s bad.

How to Stop Unwanted Promotional Messages on Safaricom line

  • On your safaricom line, Dial *456# then select “STOP” from the list
  • After responding with the digit corresponding to your choice i.e. 9, select “PROMOTIONAL MESSAGES” and proceed
  • Next choose “Stop Promotional Messages” followed entering the senders name for example; “200974” or “ORIGINALWIN” then send.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message from Safaricom
  • And if for some reason you’d like to unblock the sender, just repeat this steps but instead of “Stop Promotional Messages” select “Check Stopped Promotional Messages” and select the sender you’d like to reactivate.



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